Saturday, January 31, 2015

Developing A Love For The Game Part 2

Ed Howard covering a Syracuse attackman in the 1970s 
A newbie to the sport, Hobart's Ed Howard quickly developed a love for the game after just a couple of late night practices in the colleges gym, back then Hobart would practice at 10 pm at night after the school’s winter sports teams, who had priority when in season, finished with the gym. “It was the first sport that I played that combined all my past sports into one” football, basketball, and track and field, recalls Howard. After six B team practices Howard went home on Spring break. The varsity team needed another defensemen and coach Schimdt asked coach Urick to bring a B team player up. “I asked Jerry, who do you want, the best lacrosse player or the best athlete,” says Urick, “I told him to bring Ed up because he was the best athlete on the B team. So Jerry agreed and we called Ed up.” More tomorrow on Ed’s first game experience in a Hobart game uniform.

Hobart All American Ed Howard:

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