Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Midfielder Vinnie Sombrotto

Vinnie Sombrotto right with little brother Steven and Hofstra University teammate Joe Ferraro. Like Vinnie I played club ball with brother Steven who also had a long lacrosse career. Photo from  jamesmetzger.net
Former Syracuse lacrosse player Fred Opie reflects on the 4 x US National Team Player Vinnie Sombrotto as the U19 Men's National Team begans its quest for a world championship over in Europe this week

Saturday, March 21, 2015

“It’s about changing your lifestyle” : Staying Fit Then And Now

Chicago Bear and National Football Hall Fame Running Back Walter Payton and His Notorious Hill that ran during the off season 

Almost 20 years ago, I developed the habit of working out as a Syracuse University (SU) lacrosse player  and under the guidance of then SU strength coach Mike Woicik. Mike is now with the Dallas Cowboys. I've seen my share of former college and pro athletes that have lost the battle of the bulge and let themselves go. Similarly Mike has told me how he has run into former college and pro athletes that he had worked with who had become so out of shape that he did not recognize them! Lots of us have been on both sides of that embarrassing experience.  Mike explained, “It’s about changing your lifestyle.” I gained weight after knee surgery and hours sitting at a desk as a writer. Last year around this time, I read a book that has made a big difference--Move a Little, Lose A Lot. The book has made me become intentional about reading and writing in a standing position whenever possible. For example, I am writing this in a standing position and at a fit desk (see the link below). Working while moving is also great for people like me who have severe ADHD. During the summer months I also returned to what I did when I was a college player about to return to school for the start of my senior year with the goal of earning a starting position during fall ball and winning a national championship in the spring.


Move a Little, Lose A Lot: