Friday, October 11, 2013

Lacrosse Groupies

Left to right, Steve Mitchell (Hopkins), Me (Fred Opie) (SU), George McGeeney (UMBC), Sal LoCascio (UMass), Zack Colburn (UPenn), Mike Morrill (Hopkins)
Groupies are those who stalk "celebs."  I saw them like flies on honey around SU football players and again after I graduated around New York Jets and Giants football preseason training camps back when those teams held camp at Pace University in Westchester County and Hofstra University in Nassau County. Some of the prettiest women I’ve ever seen I would call groupies. They show up dressed to turn heads. They come seeking a gladiator on the grid iron and the gladiators, many of them with girl friends and wives, eagerly participate in this just for “fun sexual sport.” In elite lacrosse circles I almost never saw these types of women hanging around, mostly because they knew that most of us "pro lacrosse" guys could not afford the lifestyle they want.