Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Lacrosse World Cup Competition Then and Now

1990 Lacrosse World Cup Game Schedule, Japan is now in the elite division and a host of other nations in lower divisions.
With the exception of the Canadian team that year with Kevin Alexander and the recently graduated Gait twins and Tom Marechek, Team USA had little competition in the 1990 Lacrosse World Cup. That will not be the case in this year’s World Cup with the US team facing a very tough Canadian team. The tryouts for the 1990 team in my opinion (and receiving so much free cool USA swag), was the pinnacle of my National team experience and my entire athletic career, particularly since I played in two national championships at Syracuse in 84 and 85 and lost both. The field of teams in the Lacrosse World Cup is much larger today than in 1990 However, you can still count on the United States facing off against Canada in this year's World Lacrosse Cup final. Canada won the World Championships four years ago and they have an excellent chance of wining this year because increasingly Canadians can be find on the roster of some of the best college programs in the United States. Field lacrosse is no longer foreign to Canadians who like Native Americans grow of playing largely indoor lacrosse. Team USA you better bring your A game (and a strategy to control face offs), play has a team, and check all egos at the door.