Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Hopkins Lacrosse Coach Janine Tucker on The Training Table

Coach Janine Tucker at a coaches clinic, Courtesy of John Strohsacker  
Our eating and exercise habits develop over a long period of time. On The training Table we interview athletes to find out what role one’s family, community, teammates, coaches, and individual quirks and superstitions have played in an athlete’s eating and exercise habits. Today we talk with John Hopkins Lacrosse Coach Janine Tucker 

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Professor Fred Opie Gives Student Athletes the Inside Scoop [Listen Now 21min 13sec]

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Thursday, June 16, 2016

Versatility Is Essential On and Off the Field

Jose Olivero 1975
I grew up watching José Oliverio in the goal at West Point where he received All-American honors in lacrosse and soccer. His versatility was amazing! This was during a period in West Point lacross history in which during his tenure, Army had consistently been a top five Division I program. I'm known as a guy who played all over the field and in part I gleaned that from José as a possibility. His coach, Hall of Famer Dick Edell, had Jose  face off for the Black Knights and then sub back into the goal after beating the other team's face-off specialist. In addition, as a product of Brentwood high school on Long Island, he was a great stopper closed the door on some great players like Hopkins' All American attackman Mike O'neil.  I remember the sign in the stands at Michie Stadium which said, "Only Jesus saves more than José," LOL. He ended his career as a second team All-American (first-team that year had been John Hopkins Hall of Fame goalie Mike Federico). José is still involved in the game today serving as a referee. He lives in northern Virginia.

Saturday, June 4, 2016

An Interview with Joe Breschi

Coach Joe Breschi as UNC player, Courtesy of UNC Sports Information 
Fred Opie interviews UNC Lacrosse Coach Joe Breschi about is food and playing days from youth lacrosse to US National team member.  The Tar Heels are the defending the national champions. [Listen Now 16min 20 sec]

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UNC Lacrosse Stories:

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Monday, May 30, 2016

Big 10 vs ACC Lacrosse Championship Game

Head Joe Breschi left celebrating a win 
Today the Big 10's University of Maryland faces off against the ACC's  Univeristy of North Carolina to decide the 2016 NCAA College Lacrosse national champions. Fred Opie interviews UNC Lacrosse Coach Joe Breschi about how he entered the coaching profession and his journey to becoming UNC head coach. The Tar Heels have not won a championship since 1991. [Listen Now 26min 50sec]

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Thursday, May 12, 2016

Remebering The 1983 NCAA Lacrosse Tournament

Hall Famer Brad Katz
In 1983 I played lacrosse at Herkimer County Community College for Hall of Famer Paul Wehrum. I had earned first team Junior College All American the year before and thought that might help me gain the attention of the coaching staff at the University of Maryland where I wanted to continue my lacrosse career. I don’t believe one of my many phone calls to the Maryland lacrosse office ever made it pass the secretaries who screened calls; nor did any of the coaches return my calls. In contrast Coach Roy Simmons Jr. reached out to me. Coach's demonstration of genuine interest in me as person and not just an athlete made positive impression on me. I'll never forget seeing Syracuse beat Maryland in the NCAA quarter finals that year in the Career Dome. I went on to watch every one of the Syracuse playoff games in 1983 including SU's come from behind to win and first National championship. Shortly before the final game Coach Simmons sent me a scholarship offer which I gladly accepted. How the Lord orchestrated my scholarship to Syracuse, the defending national champions in 1983, is still a faith building memory to me.

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The 1983 NCAA Tournament:

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Monday, April 18, 2016

Hall of Famer Todd Curry

Todd Curry playing defense against John Hopkins' Hall of Famer Brian Wood in 1985

Todd Curry All Americans honors all four years at the cuse, midfielder of the year honors and was a 2 x national team player from West Genesee High school. We called Todd Bakey for his great head and shoulder fake. Todd came to cuse as a little skinny but he started lifting weights and gained definition and strength. Todd had great speed and a killer instinct you could see when he chased down an opponent on defense. In addition  Todd had a rifle for a shot and the ability to pick corners on the run with both hands. Todd made the National team his sophomore year, which I believe makes him the youngest player to do so. 

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Fred Opie Interviews Syracuse All American Todd Curry: [Listen Now 31min 36sec]

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Friday, April 8, 2016

Managing Fear

Fred Opie covering UNC Steve Martel
I will never forgot the lesson I started learning back when I played in my  first game as a Syracuse Orangemen. The game was against UNC and it occurred in the spring of 1984 at Loyola College in Baltimore. About 5,000. people filled the stands and surrounded the astro-turf field.  I found out that day that I could work through potentially paralyzing performance fear and do what need to be done. The same nervous feeling comes across me now before: asking someone I am impressed with a question, teaching a class, and delivering a lecture as an invited speaker. I loved playing sports and at some point when I hung up my cleats, I transferred that how to manage fear and nervous feelings to my vocation as a talking head. I also learned to fake it until you make it because most folks can’t tell you are nervous unless you tell them.

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