Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Be a Steve Mabus To Some Young Player

Freshmen Game at Croton Point Park in 1978,  Fred Opie and Hank Vanassalt in the black shirts with white sleeves. 
I am looking at my lacrosse career through Malcolm Gladwell’s book Outliers. It argues that success is a combination of opportunities, timing, and people in one's life.So how did I  explain my rise in the lacrosse world despite starting the game late and not coming from a  perennial powerhouse program in the sport?  The summer before I entered 9th or 10th Steve Mabus’ family moved to my neighborhood. Steve played college lacrosse for Kutz Town State and he had a lacrosse goal in his back yard.  Steve was like having a private coach and he worked with me all summer long before Steve returned to college. Over the years I have reflected on the significance of Steve on my skill development and toughness. I often end lacrosse speeches with the statement: Be a Steve Mabus to some young player in your circle of influence. 

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