Wednesday, February 27, 2013

A Teammate Is Many Different Things Part 2

Paul Schomoler in the white T shirt

The lacrosse world is still rather small for many of us and more than likely many share the same ache I have because of the loss of a family member like Cornell and U. S. National Team alum Paul Schomoler.  I view the people I've played with and now coach as extended family.  And like family, there are some cousins we see more than others and some we enjoy spending time with more than others.  Paul like is brother John, was one of those cousins you enjoyed spending time with. They were gregarious and fun loving people who loved life. And they were the kind of teammates during practice one needs early in the season here in the north east region when the weather is still freezing cold and often wet. Teammates like John and Paul make tough times easier to endure.  I said it before but it bears repeating now, life is about relationships. 

Helping Boys Develop Friendships: [Listen 17 min: 51 sec]

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