Saturday, February 23, 2013

A Teammate Is Many Different Things Part 1

John Schomoler # 21
This 1990 team including something like 5 Cornell alum. Paul Schomoler is hiding out in the back right of this photo
I really went through a tough time this morning thinking about what Paul Schomoler, his family, and friends have been through from his brother John's passing less than a year ago and now how those left behind are feeling with the sudden news that Paul had brain cancer last month and he died last Friday. You cannot prepare for such unexpected and sad news. My  condolences to Paul Schomoler's family and the teammates and the players that he had coached who like me are grieving his lost. I played on teams with both John and Paul so this lost has hit me particularly hard. A teammate (and a coach) is never easy to lose and they are many different things in your life at different times: a friend and a competitor, a hug and high five, a rival then a mentor, a fellow traveler and a compass.

Helping Boys Develop Friendships: [Listen 17 min: 51 sec]

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