Saturday, June 23, 2012

Hall of Famer Jerry Schmidt and Ed Howard

Hobart All American Ed Howard. He died suddenly last week  

The defining moment in Ed Howard's decision to play lacrosse came during a meeting with Hobart lacrosse coaching staff. Coach Urick and Schimdt “encouraged me to come out for lacrosse,” says Ed Howard. He goes on to say, “From my perspective, I owe my entire lacrosse experience to Coaches Schmidt and Urick. What they saw in a former basketball player that made them think he could be a lacrosse player is beyond me?” The fact that at Hobart lacrosse was king also played a role in decision to take up the game. “I had never heard of lacrosse [but] I could see that it was THE SPORT on campus,” says Howard. He started practicing with Hobart’s B team where freshmen recruits and walk on players tested their metal. Howard quickly developed a love for the game after just a couple of late night practices in the colleges gym, back then Hobart would practice at 10 pm at night after the school’s winter sports teams, who had priority when in season, finished with the gym. “It was the first sport that I played that combined all my past sports into one” football, basketball, and track and field, recalls Howard. After six B team practices Howard went home on Spring break. The varsity team needed another defensemen and coach Schimdt asked coach Urick to bring a B team player up. “I asked Jerry, who do you want, the best lacrosse player or the best athlete,” says Urick, “I told him to bring Ed up because he was the best athlete on the B team. So Jerry agreed and we called Ed up.” More tomorrow on Ed’s first game experience in a Hobart game uniform.

My Series on Hobart All American Ed Howard:

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  1. Ed was my big brother to speak of. Not only was he a geart mentor on the field, he was an amazing role model in life. Much thanks and appriciation goes out to Ed for helping see the value of a Hobart education. I am now the President of a Tv station for Gannnett Broadcasting. While I never acheived much success on the lacrosse field, my life was greatly infulenced by Ed and I have gained many life rewards from my association with him. We are still in contact with each other and I am produd that I had this opportunity to be so closely associated wtih Ed.

    Russell Postell Hobart class of 1982