Monday, September 13, 2010

Lacrosse on the Brain: It's About the Endorphins Part 2

High Fiving SU teammate Dan Pratt  from Homer, New York (who back then looked
allot likeTom Cruise) during a 1985 game. Another old photo I came across while
unpacking in my new home in Wellesley, Mass where I am now living and teaching
at Babson College.

Talking about when I was club player back in the early 1990s with lacrosse on the Brain (see earlier post). So I get off the flight from Mexico to New York sleepy as all get out and head straight to my folks house in Croton to pick up my car and equipment. I make it to the game with barely enough time to warm up before the start of the opening faceoff. I felt physically drained and I was in a fog with everything moving slowly. I did not play poorly nor did I play outstanding. One of things that I learned was that by that stage of my career (I had just turned 30), when you’re a National Team Selection (and black which made me stick out that much more), opponents gave you allot of respect. For example, offensive players, unless they were also National Team players or extremely cocky, didn’t challenge you as a defender, for fear they would get embarrassed I imagine—and they could. You see, at age 30 a world class athlete is at his or her prime athletic ability and field sense if he or she plays a team sport. You’re very strong, if you work out, which I did, and your anticipation of the next move you should make or your opponents’ next move is uncanny. In addition, if you are playing well, your confidence makes you almost unstoppable. I’ll pick it up here tomorrow.

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