Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Travel Channel's Man v. Food Special on Syracuse Eateries

Photo of the Original Dinosaur Barbecue in Syracuse, started in 1983.

Syracuse Lacrosse players, despite winning their first national championship in 1983, had very little star power on campus because the sport of lacrosse then did not have any of the national exposure that it does today. ESPN televised the championship games back then, several days after it was over and the champion already crowned and quarter and semi-final games never came on national television. As one of two African Americans on the team that fall, black folks on campus didn’t know what to make of me and that strange sport I played. When attended SU, the city of Syracuse was known for its college football and basketball teams and the Dinosaur Barbecue recently started by three bikers in 1983. Today the city is known for both the barbecue joint and a hot lacrosse program with many national championships, All Americans, and Hall of Famers. This Wednesday September 1st the Travel Channel show Man v. Food with Adam Richman will about Syracuse eateries dear to my heart. Here's a sneak preview of the show http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i1Qm8wqW36Y

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