Monday, August 23, 2010

The Academic Rap on Syracuse Lacrosse Players

1983 SU NCAA championship celebration, this was the first of ten

I’m starting my tenth academic year as a college history professor and my seventh as a published author. I am a Syracuse lacrosse alumni talking about how I made the transition from athletics to academics back in 1991. This is important I believe when in times past at least, some Syracuse lacrosse alumni have given the lacrosse world the impression that as a program we don’t take school seriously and major in lacrosse. That’s the exception and not the rule in my opinion. But you know the old saying; empty barrels make the most noise. I know plenty of SU lacrosse alum who were outstanding students in college, have graduate degrees from some of the most prestigious institutions, and who are now leaders in their fields. In fact the list of those who have graduated on time and much higher GPAs then mind are too numerous to name. So let’s not focus on the few empty barrels that have played at Syracuse over the years because almost every elite lacrosse program has those too.

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