Monday, July 16, 2012

Revolutionizing The Game and The Business of Lacrosse

Gary Gait doing the Air Gait as a Syracuse Lacrosse in a playoff game against U Penn in the Carrier Dome   
I played against the Paul and Gary Gait about three times in my career: 1990 world games and in the Cape Cod Classic following their senior year at Syracuse. They were big, fast, and had sensational stick skills. The trailblazing player entrepreneurs in the game of lacrosse are Canadians and US Hall of Famers Paul and  Gary Gait. At Syracuse University the twin brothers revolutionized the field game with their introduction of innovative box lacrosse moves like their behind the back passes, trick shots, and rap checks not to mention Gary’s famous Air Gait move illustrated in the photo above. After sensational college careers at Syracuse in the late 1980s, Gary and Paul boosted advertising interest in lacrosse first as MILL players and then briefly in the outdoor league. But they, especially Garry, also leveraged their star status and created an attractive brand they used to earn contracts with lacrosse manufacturers, create, patent, and manufacture lacrosse products. They also introduced the mobile camp and clinic concept that has become the business model for the increasing numbers of players who make their full time living through lacrosse. Gary is now the Head Women’s Lacrosse Coach at Syracuse University and the program is flourishing under his direction making this year to the NCAA championship game. Paul is lives and works in Albany, New York where he still promoting the Gait brand.

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