Thursday, August 2, 2012

Navy Coach Rick Sowell On How He Started Playing Lacrosse

Rick Sowell # 30 back in 1983 playing attack for Colblesskill. I use to cover him and we had some battles! Rick is now the head coach at the U. S. Naval Academy
I've known Head Lacrosse Coach at the U. S. Naval Academy Rick Sowell since 1982 but I never asked him how he started playing lacrosse. Rick Sowell: After successful seasons playing freshmen basketball and JV football, I was introduced to the sport of lacrosse by Tom Moffitt, who also taught me both algebra I and II in 9th and 10th grade. Prior to Coach Moffitt’s arrival in Horseheads in 1976 (I was in 8th grade), our area [Western Tier of upstate New York] did not have lacrosse, but somehow he quickly convinced our school board to approve a lacrosse program. It began as a club sport and after 2 years it officially became a varsity sport for the 1979 season (my sophomore year). As was the case with many athletes who played both football and basketball for coach Moffitt, he somehow talked us out of playing baseball and joining him on the lacrosse field. To this day, I really don’t know what made me decide to give up baseball for this sport. I had never seen it before nor was I excited to try a sport where you “whack” your opponent with a stick.

When, how, and where did you start playing or coaching lacrosse?

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