Saturday, December 26, 2015

Schools, Sports and Academic Rigor

Coaches new to a school, be sensitive to the academic demands on your student athletes.  I suggest coaches speak to the seniors on their team and get their assessment of how much time they can expect students to be able to dedicate to activities such as practices, weight training and conditioning, and watching films.  Some schools have larger reading and writing expectations then others. Some schools give more group work then others which requires meeting with one's team members in that group outside of class and often during typical times in which athletic teams hold practice. Be open to letting your student athletes come to practice late or leave practice early so they can meet with their groups and/or with instructors during office hours. Let me close with suggesting that you make the podcast I published on strategies for getting good grades from a college professor's perspective. Every instrucor is different but there are some principles that are parallel the matter what class your taking or US school.  

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