Friday, April 8, 2016

Managing Fear

Fred Opie covering UNC Steve Martel
I will never forgot the lesson I started learning back when I played in my  first game as a Syracuse Orangemen. The game was against UNC and it occurred in the spring of 1984 at Loyola College in Baltimore. About 5,000. people filled the stands and surrounded the astro-turf field.  I found out that day that I could work through potentially paralyzing performance fear and do what need to be done. The same nervous feeling comes across me now before: asking someone I am impressed with a question, teaching a class, and delivering a lecture as an invited speaker. I loved playing sports and at some point when I hung up my cleats, I transferred that how to manage fear and nervous feelings to my vocation as a talking head. I also learned to fake it until you make it because most folks can’t tell you are nervous unless you tell them.

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