Monday, September 17, 2012

Syracuse Lacrosse Swag in the 1980s Part 2

Former SU goalie from the 1983 championship team Travis Solomon with his son.

Syracuse University (SU) athletic department issued apparel gave students, especially football and basketball and after 83, lacrosse players, a pass port in many ways in the Syracuse metro area. It could get you dinner invitations at nice Syracuse restaurants and home cooked meals. It got you sandwiches and conversations with people who otherwise might not give you the time of day. In short, legit athletic department apparel from prestigious programs gives one a cool that wins friends and influences people. My official gear gave me an unsolicited but welcomed elite status on and off the field that I never had before. I say unsolicited because I just loved the game and wanted to win a national championship. That status and the opportunities that came with it would only increase as SU and Herkimer (the junior college I attended before SU) would win many national championships long after I had graduated from both schools.

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