Friday, May 24, 2013

Lacrosse TV Coverage Is Great, But Style of Play is Boring

Photo from last year's championship game SU vs Cornell. That game was boring too until the last 7 minutes of the fourth quarter.

Talking to Aaron Jones (Hempstead, Cornell, NY AC, and Maryland Lacrosse Club) last week. and we both raved about the ability to regularly enjoy college lacrosse games in the luxury of our homes on ESPN. The network is doing a wonderful job and hats off to the lax personalities doing the play by play and color commentary—I am particularly impressed with Paul Carcaterra who has emerging as the Tom Madden of lacrosse broadcasting with creative and insightful adjectives. I also enjoy hearing the sage like wisdom of former Army coach Emmer; like to see more former coaches like him in the broadcast booths. One of the observations that Aaron and I both made is that the style of lacrosse that we’ve seen over the past two years including Cornell and Syracuse, with some rare exceptions, is boring. Boring why? Offensive and defensive players almost never challenge each other one on one. I’m I the only one that misses seeing players breaking ankles with nasty stutter steps and split dodges and players that chase and then strip players to start a fast break? Yes there is some of that but not enough to make me sit through 4 quarters of men’s lacrosse. Do the players lack confidence or are the coaches control freaks? Love to hear your thoughts on comments sections of the blog below.


  1. Cornell started out "run and gun" yesterday against Princeton, but then became conservative and it cost them another one. (just like last years Championship and this years regular season loss to Syracuse.) I understand defenses adjust but I agree one on one is more exciting and it creates more opportunities to feed also.

  2. Freddie,
    There are a number of other factors including today's heads & more "complex" defenses designed to target the ball carrier... but the answer is "the coaches are control freaks."

  3. The short answer freddie, coaches are control freaks. I see it at the high school level. When a player gets creative, the coach yanks them out of the game. The player gets a little tongue lashing and back in the game much more conservative

  4. Coach...I've had the same feelings for years, nice to finally see it validated. I just cant sit through 4 quarters. It's very control and possession based.